FEATURED Wilma Malcolmson: solid heritage with a tint of grace

The time-honoured knitwear tradition of the Northern Isles run through her fingers, as it does through her memories of life in her native country, the Shetlands. And, all the same, she has instilled into her artwork her carefully designed touches of freshness that have constantly ensured a renewed sense of relevance for her creations. (Image: homepage of Malcolmson’s website)

As other people featured in these pages, Wilma Malcolmson has practised her craft having in mind the need of earning a life out of it, but her feet solidly rooted in the island’s cultural and social tradition, plus her attention to design and constant renovation, invest her creations with the best of the humanist principles all good artisans have always exemplified. Her items, even if, at the end of the day, commodities in themselves, are at the same time true cultural assets too.

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