parque del Oeste de día

Parque del Oeste is the name of a park situated roughly West (more exactly Northwest) of my home in my original city, Madrid, and I adopted the same name for another park roughly West (actually Northwest in fact) of my present home here in Peking. The park is embellished every year ahead of the National Day (first of October) with ingenious flower arrangements, albeit with the traditional quirky figurines typical of Chinese belenes (in recent years featuring trees, sheep, deer…, quirky but highly original!).

This year, though, they really surprised us with an altogether new style, abstract, without figurines, much more elaborate and sophisticated, and even with a nice touch of interactiveness in the form of colourful paths inviting visitors to get close and enjoy, first person, a beautiful array of vegetal stuff… A true masterpiece of floral arrangements!! I took these photos on the second day of October:

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