Guizhou murallia 2: outer space look

The amazing landscape

On the 16th of May of 2023, after a couple of days immersed in historical-revolutionary and communist party achievements, we visited one of the scientific wonders China is so proud of: FAST, Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope. We saw the thing itself, quite nice a telescope, but mobile phones were not allowed for technical and/or security reasons, but I attach a shot of an exhibition model.

And, to my delight, quite a few walls at the town nearby the telescope (due the touristic vogue, that we could see everywhere) were painted with astronomical/astronautical murals (only seen from the bus passing by, so the few images I could take are quite unimpressive, but still usable as graphic document..):

In the vicinity of the telescope, this was by far the most amazing hotel of the whole trip, and, I surmise, the most amazing I have ever been to

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