Guizhou murallia: preamble

As this visit was organized by my employer, and, not needed here to enter into details, my employer is Numbrer One here in China, the theme tasted red, tasted revolutionary and tasted Chinese modernization: historical, scientific, tourist, e-tech, etc., spots and facilities.

But the true star of this trip, from my point of view, was the province itself. We spent probably more time on the bus than on the places we visited, which means we did maaaaany hundreds of kilometers in the four-day itinerary, so it seemed like having seen (yes, being a bit exagerated…) almost the whole territory…, and everything, absolutely everything was mountain and forest…, an incredibly natural (or seminatural) paradise…

I was weary, though, of visiting the province in the future and stroll around, it seemed that there were tigers, leopards and bears in Guizhou, and surely it must be infested with snakes, I guess several of them venomous… (In the meantime, I searched the internet: no more tigers in the wild, only perhaps in some protected wildlife area or zoo. And there are ample areas suitable for leopards, but perhaps (?) not actual population of them any more either. I do not know about bears…).

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