Guizhou murallia: postlude

Temple of Ancient Monarchs, Peking, Saturday, 20th of May of 2023

More murals from China, I am to become an expert! (No way, dude…)

I took a few photos of that during a trip within the Southwestern province of Guizhou on May 14-19.

But, before that, a notice about what happened right after the trip. Here you see me the day after returning to Peking: I took a stroll to a most favourite Peking place, my Ciudad Prohibida chiquitita, Tiny Forbidden City, this Temple of Ancient Monarchs, not too far from my home, where you can experience a glimpse of the grandiose Forbidden City, but without all the masses!!!

I spent a very enjoyable time there as always, even sit down at that clean terrace (top photo) to enjoy the fresh air and read…

The following day, I noticed a somewhat strange sore throat…

Bingo!: COVID-19! I had become infected during the trip in Guizhou!!

Nothing serious though…, not an iota of fever, only this sore throat the first 2-3 days and a funny nose congestion with superfunny sneeze attacks the last 2-3 days. Almost whole week (May 23-28) confined at home.

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