de croquetas y ‘humanitas’ (2)

Today, the 2nd of April of 2023, I went to see if Carmen, my favourite Spanish restaurant here in Pequín, was still opened. After the tremendous COVID-19 end and beginning of year 2022-2023 we experienced here, I had this hunch that Carmen may have not survived to this last coronavirus scourge (when you visit places familiar to you in the city these days, many commercial venues are just shut, they could not survive the situation) and, if open, of course, have a nice meal myself… But Carmen today looked through its windows as you can see in the pictures above. It, too, has succumbed…

Anyway…, we again get back to the 5th of July of 2020, when China was still largely untouched by this dreadful combination of virus and anti-virus-fanaticism, and life was kind of possible and Carmen was as nice and alive as always…:

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