very nice surprise

After a month of exhausting work in office (as every year in February), at last we finished the daunting anual task, and this week is free for me to rest. And today I visited the big bookshop where I often buy English books, and came back home with three. But the one that gave me the greatest and most pleasurable surprise was this one.

I feel a great weakness for Edward Said since I discovered him during the research for my doctoral thesis (2007-2013). He was a key factor for the great shift in my perspectives on how to approach the subject of my thesis (from boring classical tibetological stuff to something conceived in terms of cultural history and narratology). And since then he has always been my ideal model of someone involved in academic-intellectual activities.

This biography is a very recent book, first published in 2021, and it has been a woooooonderful surprise for the day!!!

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