Uncial now!

And now, at last, free from the necessary but tediously tight discipline of the Roman Quadrata, having tasted the joy of intuitive calligraphic crafting,…

I am delighted to announce my entry into the calligraphic territory I most love: Uncial! Uncial is my option among the classical scripts, the one I unreservedly favour. Far superior to all the others in beauty, secondo me, and (with permission from the Roman capitals only…) legibility.

Not only because it is by far the closest to my heart, but also for practical reasons (I am 60 years old already, I simply do not have the time to start venturing into the looooong process of learning and mastering blackletter, Carolingian and all the rest!!), I will surely cling to Uncial for the rest of my life. Uncial forever!!!

I have finished the preparatory exercises (getting used to the basic strokes constitutive of this script), and I am just about to start practicing all the letters of the alphabet, one by one, which will require at first some discipline (the basic grid for the right proportions), but not at all to the degree of tightness required by the Roman Quadrata.

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