retorno a la caligrafía 2

Now roughly one year ago, in November-December 2021, I resumed calligraphy…, only to stop again (the first attempt was roughly SEVEN years ago!). (My recurrent pattern of activity throughout my life, nothing speciaaaaaallll…).

In 2021 it was all about tediously getting familiar with the Roman capitals on an exact grid and within very strict rules of composition…, and only with pencil, no ink yet. A useful and seemingly necessary step, but just… a bit dull, actually…

Although I stopped my practice, for months I did slowly select and purchase the materials for the next phase, the one involving pen and ink.

And here we are!:

Free from grids and all that! After another frustrating attempt a few months ago…, this time I have finally got a method for using the instrument which truly satisfies me, and I have been just liberating myself and getting to what I truly like: sensing, feeling and employing my body in a chiefly intuitive way, with no rational interferences. Just playing and sensing the pen and the ink’s behaviour. Wonderful!

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