she is still muralling, yes

photo of Sara Riel at work earlier this year, from Ásmundarsalur website

Actually, I am pretty sure I saw her! In one of my 2016-2019 visits to Reykjavík.

One year, in my very first walk after leaving my things in my accommodation. I was descending along one of those busy streets leading down from Hallgrímskirkja (either Skólavörðustígur or Laugavegur) in late afternoon. A man and a woman came up in front of me, I seem to recall (?) there was a little child on the man’s shoulders… She crossed right besides my right shoulder and… I stopped petrified for a second or tow and exclaimed to myself: “¡Eh, esa era Sara Riel!”. I turned on my heel and saw them walk away among the crowd…

Back now in 2022, one of the benefits of having joined Instagram is that I am following the accounts of this my local Icelander muralist of choice. And this week she posted photos of her exhibition Destination Mars, held at the Áusmandarsalur art gallery in March-April this year. Including her last two murals of which I have knowledge.

Sara Riel’s professional Instagram account: here.

Destination Mars in her website: here.

Destination Mars in Ásmandarsalur website: here.

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