the French (?) Muelle

So, I thought that my long series of posts about the Icelandic Muelle was over. Basically it was, but there is still an aftermath. The Spanish graffiti hunter who introduced me to Instagram, who felt just as mesmerized as me about the Icelandic Muele during a stay of hers in Reykjavík, informed me of another street artist in France who depicts very similar motifs.

Well, he is based in France, but I cannot tell he is actually French, or Australian or what.

And, although I am technically a follower of his Instagram account, my presence in the platform is almost perfunctory, so I am indebted to my Spanish contact for giving me notice of his last post, from this very week, a video where you can admire him performing his most elaborate tag on the streets in big size. I condense it here in a few captions:

His execution is fantastic. As I see it, this apparently his mos complex tag feels to me like too much, too packed, too fussy, I prefer some of his simpler, cleaner versions, more like those of his Icelandic counterpart.

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