phenomenology 2: an Icelandic ‘Muelle’? (j): and he is the one!

I am appalled to discover that the last episode of my series of posts about the existence, in Reykjavík street art, of an Icelandic mirror image of Muelle, the iconic Spanish graffitist of the 80’s of the 20th century, is of October last year! Time really flies!

(And the first issue was from one year earlier, October 2020!!).

Anyway… Time passes, yes…, and, for a twist of chance, recently I knew of a Spanish lady who is another hunter of street art like me, and I contacted her. Presently living in Japan, she stayed for a while in Reykjavík, and here is the bond: in her Instagram account, she showed herself just as fascinated as I am about what I call the caracola (Spanish for conch) tag:

But one of the very kind references she gave me was the Instagram account address of some Iceland graffiti artist. Can you guess…?


Now it is crystal clear: all the works photographed by me in Reykjavík which I suspected belonged to the author of the caracola tag are actually his. (There is still a slight possibility that one or two belong to imitators of his style, but that seems nowadays rather improbable).

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