the ‘Google magic’ unravelled (kind of…)-2

So: nothing in Street View helps with the state of The Monument after my autumn 2019 visit. (First part of this micro-history, here).

All views of the place belong to July 2013. The web version of Street View displays a confusing array of 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2022 copyright marks, but (at least in my navigator) no actual shooting date, only discernible by the Google Earth app:

An extra amusement owing to ‘Google magics’: I discovered two weirdly divergent views of The Monument Front-1 panel…

Here is a general view of the building, showing panels Front-1 and Front-2 (both facing left in the picture) and Side (facing right):

The hamburger advertisement on Front-1 is clearly apparent in closer view:

But I took a second parallel road, only a very few meters away. Mmmm…, where has the hamburger gone…? (same date: July 2013!):

In close examination, the hamburger did not go anywhere: road 2 picture was taken a few (or even only one) days before: the place is clearly marked by a rectangle, but the hamburger has not been painted yet. At the time the advert was finished, the gratifies at the low level of the panel had been scratched away.

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