the ‘Google magic’ unravelled (kind of…)-1

Note: the following text composed a note I made (now I discover…) back on February 6, 2022. Even the photos (now I discover!) were ready, watermarked AND stored in my WordPress media library since the day before. And, in the meantime, I have been kidding myself for almost one and a half months with the argument that I had had no TIME to do THIS post… Well, perhaps I really did not…

This Street View case is driving me both crazy and amusingly intrigued.

In previous years I had the Google Earth app installed in my computer, but it surfaces now that at some point I stopped using it, presumably when (in late 2019 or early 2020) I changed my very old computer for the new one.

I have installed it again this week, and now everything is clearer: in the bottom end of the screen, they expressly state when the picture was actually TAKEN, an information conspicuously ABSENT when you use the web version instead (so I was letting the © watermarks deceive me. Ignore them!!). In this case, these images of The Monument were shot in July 2013, just roughly half year before Guido van Helten made his murals.

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