Q2 Monochrom

motley mirage, Peking, 8th of March of 2022

I went for yet another Leica camera, which I bought on Monday 7th of March, and it has totally changed my photo practice!

Leica Q2 Monochrom at home

I do NOT remember if they were white and black, the handful pictures I took as a teenager with that piece of museum my mother handed me: a real box-with-a-hole camera that had belonged to my grandfather (one of the very first commercial photo cameras seen in Spain, she said). But soon my parents bought me a modern Japanese camera, and I only took colour slides in my youth.

Supercompact, superdiscreet (both Leica-reddotless and noisless!), perfect for street photography!

The rest is a mystery: in my photographic revival of this part of my life, I was being utterly disdainful of W&B. I have NO idea why suddenly I turned my attention to it now…

They are a family now at home with me: Leica SL2-S, Q2 Monochrom and TL-2

The second taboo washed away by storm is my conviction that I was totally inept for street photography, specifically for shooting at people. But the Q2 Monochrom makes it incredibly easy, even for me!!! And I love the results!!:

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