special relativity

It took ages since the last one (I send one photo per week, and the last one they awarded was about 15 months ago or so…😵‍💫, gosh, it is hard to compete there with sooooo many really applaudable Leica photographers! ), but, at last, a few days ago, the team at Leica Fotografie International notified me they had selected my very last contribution, special relativity, for the gallery in the category of Architecture. You can see my LFI page here.

On another note, I had a different plan for today’s post: it would have been yet another one on the last developments on Reykjavík’s The Monument. But yesterday, in an expeditiously sloppy improvised search on the web, I discovered something new, which means I need to compose a more carefully designed post than the one I intended for today. It should come next Sunday, I hope… On the meantime, just a little taster of what I found yesterday:

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