just an oddity today about Google Street View

This week, when navigating Reykjavík through Google Earth, I came across a curious feature with a consequence on my previous post (about the last developments in the site of The Monument): the Street View images display a watermark showing a year, something I had hitherto been unaware of…

But here is the surprise: when I Street-Viewed again The Monument to check those watermarks, these displayed the year 2017 and, viewed from only perhaps 4-5 meters away, the year 2021 (quirky!!):

I do not know what to make of this… If those watermarks are prone to such “magic”, then everything I said in that previous post about the present state of The Monument is to be put between brackets… Now, just to clarify a bit: Guido van Helten painted those three grandiose murals on that building in the winter 2013-2014. The last time I saw them there was in autumn 2019. The year 2017 in that Google Street view picture is obviously misleading. Whether the other one (2021) is right…, I cannot say… (given the “magics”, the image could equally be depicting the state of the building in 2012 or in 2021 or in 2020…😵‍💫).

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