new look and holidays

Sounds nice, does it?: new look and holidays (plus birthday!!) , al together, wooooow!

Today I was informed that the new glasses I purchased six days ago, which they said would need about 10 days to be ready, were already waiting for me to pick them up . Hurrrrrraaaaa!

My new look:

October 30, 2021 at the shopping mall

On top of that, the 7th of November is my birthday…

And, closely connected with this, is the other pleasure of this Autumn season: my yearly holidays, from next 6th to 28th of November. Just as last year, though, the persistently dodgy-nasty situation about coming and going from/to China due to the anti-COVID measures prevents me from the (little less than?) impossible mission of travelling abroad. I will stay at home in Peking relaxing, reading, taking photos…

Taken by this paradisiac mood, it is my will to announce a break from the hassle of posting in my blog between now and the 5th of December. A rest is a rest!!

(I may still post individual photos, more or less randomly chosen, with no text nor anything else…, take it easy, Fran, relax!)

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