¡minuciosas y recias mujeres de Cartaya!

Today’s posting was pending for more than four months.

It was on the 20th of May of this year, 2021, that I found an article in the Spanish newspaper El País showing a wonderful «antipandemic» initiative of women in the village of Cartaya, in the province of Huelva, South Spain: they spent weeks or months of the horribilis year 2020 making round pieces of colourful crochet typical of the area.

They left their village’s plaza really cute! it is easy to find more photos on the web, I show you here only the two of them illustrating that article of El País.

A beautiful example of exactly what Leica Da Vinci advocates for craftwork: fully relevant to our time; social; communitarian; human; fully non-commodity, non-mercantile; just culture, dignity and hope. Women of Cartaya, humanitery artisans at their best!

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