Sara Riel on ephemeralness

Too hard to escape this law of ephemeralness in street art that inextricably links decadence/effacement/destruction and takeover/reconversion/renewal. Here, this example with one of Sara Riel’s classic, most appealing, super-iconic creations, Acorn, which stood there in view of locals and tourists alike in the super-busy Laugagevur street of Reykjavík since 2010. I took the picture in September 2017 (for a slightly more informative account, see in my photo website, here).

Somehow I missed the occasion to find it again in 2018, but, in October 2019, the scene was rather different:

(for more information, again, see my photo website, here)

A wonderful 7-8 year old piece of street art had just gone, but it was a golden opportunity for someone else (another very original, gifted creator, the works of whom can be seen here-and-there in the city) to fill the vacuum, and, by so, in their own way, honouring their distinguished predecessor too.

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