re-evolution 2021

I spent great part of last Sunday brushing-up this now new Leica Da Vinci website and going through the scary technical process of linking the domain name to it. It was publicly visible on the evening of the 16th of August of 2021, Monday.

It has taken me one year to re-build the whole site. A stupid bureaucratic mistake lead my bank to block my credit card. I had no other way to renovate my Squarespace subscription, so I desperately begun examining alternatives, chose and rushed!

The bank problem was solved after several months…, but, by then, I had worked so hard and so much that there was no possible turn back.

Squarespace was so special…!, for the beauty of their designs and for the fancifully pleasurable management of the site. Furthermore, they are constantly, if silently, improving features here and there. What a pleasure to use!

But feels exciting and providing potentially very beneficial novelties. So I can never be regretful of the decision.

Here is, at least (with a huge relief after one long year of tense work from my part!!), the 2021 re-evolution for Leica Da Vinci!!

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