pre-announcement 2021

I can hardly believe it 👀, but today I suddenly realize that fairly soon, or, indeed, probably VERY soon, this website will take a new form. It was not intended, but suddenly an unexpected event forced me to a desperate search for a new platform for the site, and it was roughly one year ago, in July-August 2020, that I set off to the task. It has been a hard and sometimes frustrating process, that of replicating the site in a new platform (especially all the blog posts, one by one), but I am right now giving it the last polishing touches, and, even if there is still something to be added to the landing page, I am considering to put the new refurbished Leica Da Vinci site to public view ALREADY as it is (one year is one year, it is nearly nearly nearly there!), and add that thing and correct any mistakes still unnoticed later on…🤔

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