yes, we all are weird

Caption from ”La hilandera del cosmos”, published on July 3 2021 on

‘El País Semanal’, from the Spanish newsletter ‘El Pa’is’.

Leica Da Vinci does not promote art. I have a kind of weird love/hate relationship with art, being far more interested in artisanry, or craft, if you like. But, needless to say, art can be exhilaratingly inspiring. And both exhilarating and directly touching one of Leica Da Vinci ongoing main pedestals, the line, is this fantastic exhibition by Dutch industrial designer Hella Jongerius, in recent years increasingly reconverted into artist, shown at the Gropius Bau Museum, Berlin.

Captions from Gropius Bau Museum website: see here

From her now purely artistic point of view, she is just into exactingly the same road I aim to continue moving, in the sense of placing the thread in its rightly cultural context, where it has been for millennia everywhere in our world.

The exhibition is on display until the 15th of August of 2021. Unlucky me (yes, pandemic!), unable to attend, unable to travel from, but specially back to China, for the rest of this year, I believe, and even possibly for the whole of 2022…

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