humanista de la cultura, la educación y la hispanidad (1)

After the passing away of Franco Battiato, the second obituary of last week with a direct bearing on me was, on the 20th of May, the fifth anniversary of Miguel’s death. So, if these days I am trying to understand and digest the incredibly soul-stirring impact of my tardy discovery of the Italian musician, in a similar way, five years ago, in 2016, also with a strong personal impact, I had in this case rediscovered my hitherto admired Miguel de la Quadra Salcedo.

In fact, he has been an idol for almost every spaniard of roughly my generation. Spanish champion of athletics, whaler, old-time Spanish explorer of the Americas, Amazon discoverer-ethnographer, reporter, war correspondent, documentarist, lion/tiger tamer…, he was in our imaginary as the reporter and adventurer of our dreams…

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