humanista de la música ligera

Two obituaries coincided this week, which prompted me to prepare a three-post interlude to gloss these two fine exemplars of humanism as I conceive it.

It is at least risky to try to categorize Franco Battiato (passed away on the 18th of May 2021) as an exponent of pop, light, experimental, electronic, classic, ethnic, authorial… music, because he was all together. Plus he ventured also into poetry, cinema and painting. Plus he was a completely special character also as a human, in quest for a transcendent state of human being.

Although I was aware of his commercial hits during my defining decade, the eighties of the last century, he certainly was out of my radar by then. Only at his death, I have not really re-discovered, but truly discovered him, and I must say I am totally overwhelmed…!

I have something to think about: just why is it that his photos, his live concerts, his speech… are putting me close to tears…

But very, very specially this one:

He has been composing almost to the last minute and released another album in 2019. But what about this concert from 1981? Classical. I cannot define it any other way: classical!:

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