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my BuyMeACoffee home page

So…, this was all about it:

In the last couple of weeks I have been fiddling around with my online presence as a result of a contact from John Wreford, a photographer wonderfully engaged in telling stories of the Middle East, after which I discovered he was in something hitherto unknown to me: Buy Me A Coffee, a platform that provides a nice and efficient way for your audience to show their appreciation for what you are undertaking with small donations and establish an ongoing relationship between both parts.

And suddenly I found myself opening a Buy Me A Coffee page!

Now…, I still need an audience…, because my present audience is CERO… Anyway, it has helped me clarify and give coherent expression to a few aspects of my endeavour, and the thing is there for the day I may start having some audience at all.

my first post in Buy Me A Coffee

Also, in a second part of this fiddling-around campaign, I have signed up for two social platforms alternative to the all-pervasive one (you name it), and here you have my pages in Ello and Vero.

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