phenomenology 2: an Icelandic ‘Muelle’? (f)

photo captured on the 28th of September of 2016

A few more instances of the Muelle pattern.

You can see it very sparse in the picture above, much more prominent in the following one. Both of them, taken on September 2016, plus the very spectacular example I showed in the (d) part of this series (photo which I took the following year, but you can see the composition already in place in the right end of the 2016 picture above) were part of the same wall.

photo captured on the 28th of September of 2016

And the pattern appears again in the next composition, particularly noticeable for being dated 2015 and for the presence of five names (QWIK,RWS, SAMAN, DUST, ESKO), presumably indicating it was a collective effort by five artist, and we may conjecture at least one of them (perhaps more?) must be the author of the Muelle forms…

photo October 27, 2018

(But wait a moment…: RWS appears repeated several times in the beverage cans above, and in one of those occasions it says RWSCREW, so RWS may also be the name of a team… ?)

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