phenomenology 2: an Icelandic ‘Muelle’? (e)

photo taken on the 28th of October of 2018

I was assuming that today’s post would be the last one of this series about the Icelandic Muelle pattern of Reykjavík street art.

But, yesterday, Peking’s air pollution gave me an opportunity to stay secluded at home, where I finally spent some time screening through the photo archives in search of more examples, which I somehow vaguely had in memory. And I found them!: enough to make not only a last post, but four of them, plus a final one recapitulating the whole thing.

Today, two more examples of la caracola (Spanish for the conch), our hypothetical signature of the author of all or part of the Muelle motifs.

The instance shown above is a very clean, nice one from 2018. The following, found in 2019, is another example of the more sophisticated version already noted in the (c) post of this series, only of much bigger size, really striking:

photo taken on the 4th of October of 2019

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