phenomenology 2: an Icelandic ‘Muelle’? (c)

We are still with this newest (in pre-pandemic standards) creation of the Muelle-style Reykjavík street art troupe. I have marked two details here with red arrows. On the right, obviously, the year of creation. But the really interesting one (which I did not realize at the time of the shot, only discovered it much much later, some months ago), which, also composed of a single black line in a series of loops, may very well belong to the author him/herself of the mural and, indeed, one senses must constitute their signature.

When I did realize of this previously unnoticed detail, my heart missed a bit. Yes, I had seen that before (and I believe that in previous years as well, not only in 2019), it is one of the most ingenious and intriguing of Reykjavík’s graffiti tags, to the point I am quite happy to elevate it to the category of otros artistas. I must have several photos of it, although I would need to undertake a meticulous investigation in the archives to find them. Here is one of its most memorable manifestations, photographed on the 1st of October of that same year, 2019:

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