new camera is complete

Last Sunday, when I finally purchased the new Leica SL2-S, the lens I had chosen (the Leica SL 24-90 mm zoom) was not in stock at the Leica store, so they ordered it for me. In only three days it had arrived, and, at last, my new equipment is complete.

It is noticeably bigger and massively heavier (mainly due to that huge lens!) than my Leica TL2. But also, after having been out trying it yesterday and today, I can confirm my early suspicions: it is better equipped and does seem to perform easier and better in two critical aspects: autofocus with moving subjects (eg traffic, vehicles…) and night photography (both for still scenes and for moving subjects).

Still, the TL2 remains a wonderful machine in terms of portability and versatility of use, and I will try and make best use of the best features of both cameras.

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