the city of the year

Spectacular view of Wuhan and the Yangtze river from the heights of the Yellow Crane Tower on the 13th of November of 2020

One year ago (after having lived in China for almost 20 years!), the mere existence of a place called Wuhan was still totally unknown to me! Well, come to see it when you can, it is a gorgeous destination for tourism, I need to say…

We visited it for two or three days, and it has quite amazing attractions, like the wonderful pagoda from which I took the above photography, or the luxuriantly forested recreational outdoors by the lake.

It not only existed, but we were informed that Wuhan is actually the result of a combination of three cities spanning at both sides of the Yangtze river, counting together a population of about 11 million.

It is, indeed, a monster of a city, absolutely huge and busy.

One year ago we made a similar trip, that time to the Jiangsu province, and I already poured quite a scorn on the urbanization plans we saw in Nanjing.

But the rage of that model among Chinese planners is unstoppable, it goes everywhere, and these images I took on the 12th of November in Wuhan are only one example. No, no, no…, not for me…:

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