phenomenology 2: an Icelandic ‘Muelle’? (a)

I still can recall that the introduction of graffiti in Spain, or at least in my Madrid, had one name: Muelle (Spanish for spring, the metallic elastic device). I saw the famous tag quite a few times on the walls of the city many many years ago, and now, thanks to the article ‘Muelle (grafitero)’ in the Spanish version of Wikipedia, I can see it must have been during what was also intrinsically my own decade, the 80’s of the 20th century:

The for me unmistakable Muelle tag, in an image shown in the article ‘Muelle (grafitero)’ of the Spanish version of Wikipedia.

Inevitably, for a Madrid person like me, images like the one I show you next, that I took in Reykjavík on the 2nd of October of 2019, bring me the memory of the original Spanish Muelle, and this Icelandic modern version of it (plus others, much more sophisticated recensions, as you will see) will be the theme of forthcoming posts:

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