phenomenology starts here and now

With the photo archive now in place, new venues lay open for future development. Always aware of regularities during my year-after-year promenades in Reykjavík, now the archive allows, for instance, for tracking individual graffiti artists…

Today I present a case in point. During my rebranding of all the pictures, the idea of looking closer  into one of them for some graffiti on a traffic sign simply occurred unexpectedly to me. This was the image, taken in 2018. The protagonist was, obviously, the brilliant big tag on the white panel:

As soon as I looked at the traffic sign in detail, my heart missed a bit or two!!:

I recognised it at once! It was just a small version of one of the most wondrously striking graffiti of Reykjavík, which I first encountered back in 2016:

It was still quite alive in my autumn 2019 visit:

So, yes, this is an eloquent proof that there are potentially many gems hidden in the Leica Da Vinci Photo Archives waiting to be discovered and disclose their information. And this new field of exploration I call the phenomenology of (at present only Reykjavík) street art.

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