new era new name

Officially today (after 48 hours waiting for the technical changes to make full effect on the browsers), Craft Humanitas as the name of this initiative gets defunct and gives way to Leica Da Vinci.Is. The connection should be clear enough: photography as a form of craft, concept for which Leica is a universally recognized cultural icon, plus the human virtue and agency as exemplified by yet another universal cultural icon, Leonardo, that Renaissance man, plus a reaffirmation of the importance of Iceland for me as the center of this Nor’atlantic initiative.

The move involves the change of the domain name for (in very few days, typing on the browsers will no more connect to this website) and involves also the brand new logo displayed above these lines. I am confident that in a record time of only one week I will be able to change the watermark for all the images in the Craft Humanitas’ photo archives, which are renamed Leica Da Vinci Archives. Another much slower process will be to change all the photos in the website for others with the new watermark…

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