aesthetics forever

Anyone following this website with some regularity must almost certainly have noticed a change in the last week or so. In fact, I have introduced two changes: the first, almost imperceptible, a little alteration, for rationalization purposes, in one of the clickable headings of the upper-right navigation menu.

The other one is the obvious: I decided that the colour palette’s hues were far too loud, and that the site was dominated by too harsh colour contrasts. I definitely wanted a much more pastel-like, nuanced-contrast version. And I came up with this my new colour palette for the website, based on a real palette found in my colour books, with the addition of a couple of hues from this palette obtained with samples of two Icelandic wool balls I bought in Reykjavík a few years ago and still have here with me:

A last view of my July-2020 pastellized palette, which really, really, makes the site look much, much nicer! (and chances are that this is not going to be the last weighty design alteration, I am considering a couple of quite considerable modifications I may finally decide to introduce in the near future):

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