Waterford (3)

I reached the city on the 12th of October of 2019 drew by one thing only: its Scandinavian distant origins. Soon I learned there is virtually no physical remain of them. Only the tourist allure of the Vikings. Still, the wonderful Medieval Museum exceedingly filled that void.

But, soon, too, after chasing street art murals in Reykjavík for several years, I stumbled upon this:

I presumed those murals belonged to this arts festival (anual, unknown to me until then):

Leaflets and notes in the streets showed me, too, Waterford’s intense civic penchant for culture.

Back in Peking, only last month (!) I discovered the truth: they belong to yet another delightful cultural activity, the international street art festival Waterford Walls!

Waterford Walls, managed by The Walls Project, was funded back in 20015, just by the time city art set in motion my own enchantment with graffiti tags and murals in Reykjavík.

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