archives complete in days

Early this year, I was pretty convinced that it would take six or nine months, or more likely one year or longer, to update the Craft Humanitas’ photo archives with the 2018 and 2019 trips’ pictures. It is a huge task, artisan-like as it is to select and edit (or process and then edit, for the Leica photos) all the images, one by one, mostly by hand on my iPad Pro using my own fingers and the Apple Pencil. Pure craft!

But this year’s global pandemic has had a benefit in this case: during my home confinement between late January and mid March (yes, almost two months at home!), I had lots of time to not only playing computer game, but also, with renewed sense of purpose and discipline, processing and editing lots of those photos.

The result is that those 9 months to one year or longer have been squashed into roughly three months, and the archives are almost totally updated. In fact, in the following video I say they would be done in only a few weeks or even days…, but that was yesterday, and today I can say they will be finished in just two or even one day from now!!

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