my second Reykjavík very special persona

sentinel, 2019

Elsewhere, I have been giving notice, year after year since 2016, when I first discovered it, of the little bloke pictured in the photo above, who has been, by large, my favourite piece of street art in Reykjavík all the way along.

But I have had yet another secret love, a very intriguing one, in the city. In my 2017 visit, the sudden discovery of this lady-in-black got me truly hypnotized:

la dama negra, 2017

It was a deceitfully elementary but stunning creation, one not easily assignable to my fachadas en verso class (city art murals), perhaps more aptly to be added to the otros artistas one (humble but powerful idiosyncratic creations), to which my little sentinel squarely belongs.

Since my dama negra had had such a strong emotional impact on me, the following year (2018) I looked for her again in the area I recalled I had found her first, but, alas, unsuccessfully!

The reverberation left in my heart by this dama negra beat deep in my imagination still in 2019, and, this time, while wandering about in the same area of the city, she surprised me again!!:

la dama negra, 2019

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