Reykjavík autumnal scenes 3

As Covid-19 still stays with us, I keep maintaining my retreat at home (today I went out for the first time in the last 8 days, went to the supermarket to replenish my larder) where I am actually refining my photo-editing skills on the Leica pictures I took in my 2019 trip to Europe.

Here I show you a detail of Ljós og skuggi (Light and Shade), by Einar Jónsson, shot on the 4rth of October of 2019 at the sculpture garden behind Einar Jónsson Museum. What you see in this picture a) is not the whole thing (I omitted part of the sculpture, to concentrate on what really touched my heart at the moment) and b) has been turned around for aesthetic reasons, so you are contemplating a specular replica of what you will see in place.

DO visit this wonderful garden if you get to Reyljavík, and I strongly suggest you to do it in the evening dark hours or around and before dawn. The serene (if potentially chilly…) atmosphere makes the visit much more spiritually rewarding. There is artificial illumination in the dark hours, and you are entirely free to get in and out by yourself at any time.

Plus, if you are (or not!) into art, DO visit the museum itself. You will get a beautiful glimpse into Jónsson’s spirit, work and legacy.

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