full maturity

Craft Humanitas’ photo archives as for right now!

Oh, well, it was a cyclopean task indeed, but just a few minutes ago I have undergone the uploading of the bulk (the sections called ‘fachadas en verso’ and ‘the line’) of the 2018 campaign. I have to be grateful to the so called ‘new coronavirus’ (I remind you that I live in Peking), for, thanks to it, I have spent A LOT of time (including the last thee days complete in themselves) at home recently, and I just decided to get on with the task at last. And it has truly been cyclopean (editing and watermarking all the images one by one in a truly artisan fashion), but, well, time was almost infinite, and just a few minutes ago I finished it!

The photo archives are now in full maturity, you see the present collection in the photo above. I ‘only’ need to add the images of the 2019 campaign… (Will I be able to accomplish it before my 2020 trip…? Another handy epidemic perhaps will help too…?).

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