coming to terms: ‘renascentor’

We have in Spanish a nice adjective, renacentista ‘pertaining to the Renaissance’, for which in English there is no other resource than to put the name Renaissance before the other name it qualifies….

But, no matter how we admire them, it is no time for Renaissance people per se any more.

I cannot aspire to be or become a Renaissance man, un renacentista, at all, but…

Our world still (more than ever, possibly) would benefit from a certain renaissance. A renaissance of the humanist ideal, or simply said, a renaissance of human being as the creator of history and society… I do not resign myself to saying goodbye (as many have long ago done from the pilosophical perspective) to humanism.

Here is my proposal:

  • renascentor (Spanish renacentor) ‘that who gives renascency’, ‘creator of renascency’ Specifically, giving birth to that notion of humans as clear-sighted agents, not merely the smartphone-holder, passive ‘hungry’ recipients of coarse information seen everywhere today. And, still more specifically, this is what I undertake to bring about:
  • humaniter(y) renascentors (Spanish: renacentores humaniteros)

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