lost forever

Approximate location of Hverfisgata 88 on the 29th of Octobre of 2018

Continuing with the dominant theme of my 2018 visit to Reykjavík, decay and disappearance of the outdoor city art murals, I headed towards Hverfisgata 88, the location of two very nice works by Heather McLean for the 2016 edition of Wall Poetry (I remind you this series of paintings spanned for two consecutive years only, 2015 and 2016), which I knew only from pictures seen on the internet, so this time I really wanted to be present there…

But, again, new (and quite extensive, occupying long sections of the street in both of its sides) construction works on the go were the only thing I could see…

Another aspect of the same section of Hverfisgata or nearby, on the 27th of October of 2018

Not far at all, in Laugavegur 35, a work from the 2015 edition (Úlfur Úlfur, by Elle, famous, among other things, for its location in this most touristy street of the city and, consequently, have been seen by loads of foreign tourists) still survived in this rather degraded house (I wonder for how long…):

Úlfur Úlfur on the 27th of October of 2018

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