decadencia y fin (1)

So far (almost end of July 2019 already!!), I have showed you only hints of the 2018 campaign: the three posts between December and February about my brief visit to Dublin.

¡Más vale tarde que nunca!:

In the 2018 trip I crudely faced the seemingly inevitable fate of street art: decadence, decay, disappearance into oblivion…

In this blog I already showed you my favourite group of Reykjavík’s murals (see also this newer, more complete photo collection from my Smugmug Craft Humanitas’ archives). And I have also my openly declared single preferred one. But I never mentioned another piece that was my secretly single most preferred one, the one I felt intimately affectionate about. I saw it only once, back in 2016, and took a single photo of it, this glorious ape with trident, on the 30th of September of that year, with my old iPhone 6s:

Then, in 2017, for some reason, I missed my little love of ape with trident, so I was particularly focused on really find it again in my 2018 trip. I carefully determined its position on the map beforehand and, upon my arrival in the city, I could nor wait to get out in search of it!!


This is what I found instead:

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