Decalogue. Why I keep coming to Iceland. 5: religious skepticism

a very old photo: Fran in Lhasa on October 2007. Shot by my brother, Juan Luis Ayllón

5) religious skepticism

During my PhD years (2007-2013), but specifically in the last ones of that period, I received a strong influence that changed my point of view on spirituality: my readings of several books by Stephen Batchelor and his highly polemical and influential points of view within Western Buddhism. Buddhism Without Beliefs is the quite telling title of one of his most famous and controversial books, and, strongly influenced by his proposals, my own view on spirituality began in those years to gradually but securely shift precisely towards a secular stance.

Summer Palace, Peking, November 2017
the so called White Pagoda Temple (technically not a pagoda, but a stuppa). Peking, January 2019

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