introducing the Craft Humanitas’ photo archives

Several days (about a week or so…) ago, I introduced a little detail to this website that may well go unnoticed but makes a difference: an icon in the right end of the main navigation menu (top right on the window) and at the footer of the pages.

It is the link to my personal photo gallery site (hosted by the Canadian platform SmugMug), which I created fairly recently, back in September last year, and, as such, still contains relatively few pictures (but is steadily growing). Here is a caption of the home page:

This site hosts a) the best of my Leica photos (my aesthetic collection) and, very importantly, b) a long dreamed archive that will comprise mainly all the examples I have recorded of of the two great areas where I have focussed my attention in my Reykjavík’s survey (‘the line’ and ‘fachadas en verso’), plus other forms in which the survey has expanded or may continue to expand in the future (‘otros artistas’, ‘commercially oriented murals’, etc.).

The idea is that here should be an ample reference material for future in-depth examinations of these subjects, a full collection open to everybody interested.

So, feel free to click on the links above or on the SmugMug icon and explore!

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