Dublin 2: a pivotal hub within the greater Scandinavian realm

I learned from Dublin and the Viking World that, contrary to a common misconception, Dublin was not actually founded by the Scandinavians. Archaeologists have found evidence of previous native settlements there.

But they established and maintained from mid-9th century as far as to the 11th (albeit not without difficulty) a buoyant trade and craft hub of first class within North Europe and the larger Scandinavian realm. Particularly important were its connections (economical, political and military) with other lasting Scandinavian possessions in York and the isle of Man. Materials crafted in Dublin have been found in places like Denmark or Norway, and the accompanying text of this map in the page 14 of Dublin and the Viking World notes a link with L’Anse aux Meadows, the famous Greenlandic outpost in today’s Newfoundland:

The other most important Scandinavian strongholds in the island were present-day Limerick and Waterford. Precisely these days I am pondering a second visit to Dublin, this time expanded to encompass also Waterford, which has a very interesting museum area in the old originally Scandinavian part…

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