Dublin-1: a key link

Dublin became a vital and wealthy link in North Atlantic trading

Clarke, Dooley and Johnson: Dublin and the Viking World, The O’Brien Press, Dublin, 2018, p. 53

It was far too brief a visit to Dublin. This cute and lively city caused a very nice impression in all of us, and also its inhabitants, a ‘tribe’ of people who seem always ready to hanging around, fiesta and night-life…, very Spanish these Irish guys!

I still had time to visit a handful of sites related with the Scandinavian early developments of Dublin and brought from there three books about this subject, which I am avidly reading. The one in my hands now is this very recent publication, a book rigourously written but also highly engaging, beautifully produced and presented, and superinformative. I am learning quite a lot. Yes, Dublin was absolutely a key link to connect with the North Atlantic via the Outer Hebrides, Shetland and the Orkney.

My desire to do a more substantial trip to Dublin and Ireland in general, this essential component of the North Atlantic, has only become much greater!

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