Decalogue. Why I keep coming to Iceland. 1: Scotland and the North

Viðareiði, in the North-East of Norðoyggjar, Faroe islands, August 2017

Just about three weeks ago, an Icelandic man going back home in the evening, a bit drunk after a soirée with his friends, got bewildered at seeing me in the streets of Reykjavík taking a photo of graffiti. An enjoyable, if bizarre, conversation ensued, during which, after hearing of my repeated visits to his country and city in the last years, he asked me the obvious question: Why?!

Although in middle of the confused scene I could only articulate some vagueness as response, the question later prompted me to give him (by e-mail, that he has never answered to) and myself a well articulated account, and I present it here for everybody else to know.

Saksun, in the North of Stremoy, Faroe islands, August 2017

1) Scotland and the North

Because it all comes back to around 30 years ago, when I travelled several times to Scotland. And, beyond Scotland, I already dreamed with going further North, to the Faroes and to Iceland.

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