entering maturity!

The logo of Squarespace in the corner

I began building this website in late Spring of 2016, inspired by having encountered in the Internet, by chance (these are always my favourite kind of inspirations), the website builder Virb. It was Virb that powered and hosted it, and Virb provided marvellously what it claimed to give you: a comparatively straightforward and quick way to start and continue to build a website, without all those hassles one is so afraid of when thinking of the prospects of starting such kind of adventure. Thanks, Virb, you served me well!

2017 was a time for enriching the website with new content, making it grow in volume.

But 2018 brought the desire of reaching beyond the easy grounds of a Virb site. I wanted something a bit more complex, with more possibilities and more visually appealing. Maturity!

And another pure chance encounter on the web showed me the direction…

Today, fifth of October of 2018, after several months reconstructing the whole of my website on the new platform, Craft Humanitas lives in a new house, powered and hosted now by Squarespace. Maturity starts right now!

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