artist specialized in electrical facilities?

So: here it is! I took this picture on the first of october of 2016.

I have a special admiration for those I call other artists, who, despite perhaps not being so virtuosistic or so resolute as the graffiters or muralists, show such a gracious inspiration that always conquers me…

I have my gallery of Leica photos in Fotopark (  Just a couple of days ago, one of the photographers I follow published an aerial view over the sea with a nice cloudy sky, but he chose as title a sentence in Icelandic: Ég er kominn aftur ‘I come back’. So I thought he was coming back from his summer hollidays in Iceland.

And today he posted a photo of just that same picturesque facility I had photographed back in 2016. It is still there and in perfect condition. With my renewed location powers, I have immediately located it and entered it in my growing map of Reykjavík street art: Njálsgata 10.

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